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Photo by Robert Mburu on Unsplash

Sailboats and Elephants

Imagine that we’re all on one side of a giant river. We need to get across the river. We don’t know how to do that, so we wait for someone to come along and offer us a service to get over there. We’ve got a problem, and we’ll pay someone to solve it for us.

One day, someone comes to meet you. They’re excited, you’ve got some cargo to move across the river, and they know they can help. Right away, though, you see there’s a problem.

It’s really hard to talk to people or solve problems with them, if they think there’s only one way to solve something. Even worse if they’ve already built that something. Their ego is tied up with what they’ve made. If the thing that they built is wrong in some way, then they’re wrong in some way. The human ego has a real hard time with that.

So, who in your life/work/relationship is trying to get you to buy their sailboat?

An even better question:
Are you the one trying to sell people a sailboat?

I write books and software. Opinions held loosely.

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