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First Day on the Job: Bring Cookies

Several years ago was a First Day at a new job. I didn’t know anyone, and the office layout made it hard to meet new people organically. I was a hard-core introvert then and hadn’t learned extroversion yet, so walking up to people’s desks and introducing myself gave me the willies.

On the next day, I brought cookies. There was nearby bakery called the Black Forest Cafe, where they make the sort of baked goods that I will step over my own mother to acquire. They have these cookies. About six inches in diameter, magically crammed with scrumptious buttery and sugary delights. I bought a box of these cookies, and brought them to work with me. Put them on my desk. Announced in the company Slack channel that I had free cookies from the Black Forest Cafe, and all people had to do was come to my desk, introduce themselves, and they’d get a cookie. I started with twenty cookies. Within an hour, they were all gone.

I discovered folks really liked chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. I met more people in that single morning than I did in three months at my last job. In the first few months at the new job, I brought cookies several more times. Later, everyone was sad when I moved closer to the office, didn’t go by that bakery anymore, and stopped bringing in cookies. But they remembered me + cookies. The people I met associated me with giant, yummy cookies. There are far worse things with which to be associated.

Don’t want to wait until your next First Day to try this out? Then don’t! Do it tomorrow or next week! And remember, food is a wonderful way to reset association. Felt crabby one day and unloaded on somebody? Cookies to the rescue!

I write books and software. Opinions held loosely.

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